Classes meet in the classroom in the Christian Life Center at 10:00 a.m. this Sunday morning   

Joy Class


Join the JOY class for an exciting study of Acts which covers the early church in the first 30 years after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension.

  • Discover the indisputable fact about Jesus’ resurrection and presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • Read about supernatural intervention, miracles, powerful preaching, breathtaking escapes, harrowing journeys, thrilling rescues, mystery and adventure.

  • Find encouragement in the lives of the men and women who changed the world.

Acts describes the spread of Christianity among the Jews, and to the Gentiles in the rest of the world. There is enormous application and importance for us today. We are God’s people; chosen to be part of His plan to reach the local community and the world. This study will help us be faithful witnesses in the way we live and provide encouragement in times of struggles.

We’d love to have you join us

Please join the JOY class as we being this exciting, wonderful study.




                      The Friendship Adult Sunday School Class

The Friendship Class has grown substantially over the last few months. From a
class membership size of ten (10) in 2023 we now have fifty-seven (57) signed-up
members as of May 12, 2024. We average between 30-35 in normal attendance.
The class meets each Sunday in the Youth building from 10:00 -10:45.

The objective of the class is to study Scripture selected by its members. Currently
we are studying the Gospel of John. However, there is a sign-up sheet where
members can volunteer to lead the class in other subjects, such as, Bible related, i.e., books, chapters, verses, characters, incidents, and so forth;
archaeology; history; missions; comparative world religions; church; evolution; universe; technology; world Events; other Christian
denominations; and so forth. Political philosophies and elections are not permitted. When there is not a volunteer leading the class, we study

Examples of volunteer subjects so far have been the minor prophets, suffering (Job), slides of trip to Israel, Cleopatra, my dogs, means of grace,
good grief, and Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life.

Anyone is welcome to join the class or just attend as convenient. We look forward to having you with us!





Weekday Bible Studies –  Meet in Christian Life Center classrooms

  • A Message From the Men’s Bible Study

    The Men’s Bible Study Thursdays, at 8:00 a.m.,

    Discovery Classroom.  They are studying Ephesians, Chapter 1.  All are Welcome!!!












Bible Study -Ephesians Bible Study –Thursday mornings –  10 to 11 am- Youth Building