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James’ Gang for Jesus is based on the second chapter of James which says faith without works is dead. This ministry of St. Paul’s men, provides needed repairs to homes in the local area. In addition to meeting the needs of hurting members in our community, the goal of this outreach is to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus. No construction knowledge or skill is required; all you need is a willing spirit. To join this group or for more information, please phone or text Frank Antes at 443-859-3986 or email him at antesfa@aol.com

We at Saint Paul’s Waccamaw Methodist Church have been blessed with the opportunity to assist several wonderful organizations that help people in need.

Together, we can make a difference!

God’s work on earth depends upon us. Here are some of the other local missions that St. Paul’s supports which are critical to the survival of many people in our community.

Missions Supported by St. Paul’s Mission Budget




Epworth Children’s Home—for abused, neglected and children with other psychological issues.


Local Organizations

  • A Father’s Place—Involvement of fathers is essential to the development of our children. Increased involvement of fathers leads to better results on a wide variety of outcomes (economic, academic performance, sociability). Nearly 18.5 million children in the USA grow up without their fathers. 85% of children and teens with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes; as do >70% of adolescents in drug and alcohol treatment centers. Children without a father in the home are (1) 5 times more likely to live in poverty than a child in a two-parent household; (2) 9 times more likely to drop out of school and represent 90% of all homeless and runaway children. A Father’s Place offers education and services uniquely tailored for fathers trying to rebuild their lives and their families. Locations Conway, Georgetown and Myrtle Beach. Father-centered programs enabling men to develop the knowledge, confidence and parenting skills to become responsible fathers and co-parents. In 2020, had 178 participants with 345 children; helped 35 men gain jobs; support includes training, coaching, support groups.
  • Adult and Teen Challenge—Helps teens and young adults live a drug-free life. Its recovery program has a documented success rate of over 80% nationally. The Georgetown location helps over 100 families per year. Tuition for 1 person is $1,500/year now that the Georgetown location expanded from 4-month (after which the participants went to the “home base” in PA) to a full 12-month program. Active in helping with the local opioid epidemic.
  • Back Pack Buddies—food for weekends for children who get free breakfast and lunch at school. This is an outreach of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, but needs additional funding. In addition to donated food, the annual need is $32,400 ($1.50 per child per week x 36 weeks x 600 students) for Waccamaw Elementary and Intermediate Schools, Georgetown and Plantersville Elementary Schools. $54 covers one child for the school year.
  • Baskervill Food Pantry—St. Paul’s is 1 of 8 churches contributing food to the pantry. We currently provide some peanut butter but mainly considerable quantities of large cans of chicken (most of which we purchase from budget and donations).
  • Canine Angels Service Dogs—companion and service dogs for wounded and disabled veterans on the Grand Strand (Wilmington, NC to Georgetown, SC) at no cost to the vet (there are 10,000 disabled vets in that area). Average 20-30 dogs/year. All are trainable dogs from local shelters. Service includes training of recipients. CASD’s cost: $4,000/dog.
  • Coastal Samaritan Counseling Center—counseling for individuals and families faced with the challenges of marriage/family conflicts, grief and loss, depression and post-traumatic stress. Helps >650 clients/year in Horry and Georgetown counties. Work on an adjusted fee schedule to ensure the help needed is available. 9 locations across the Grand Strand. Affiliated with The Samaritan Institute, the Center is accredited using nationally benchmarked behavioral health standards. Paul’s has a counseling satellite center on our campus which operates when needed to serve the South Strand. Donations defray costs for those who can’t pay for counseling.
  • FAVOR (Faces and Voices of Recovery)—Substance abuse recovery support for individuals and families; in emergency rooms, jails and other. Two recovery houses and a 3rd one to open.
  • Family Justice Center—Sole provider of coordinated services to victims of domestic violence in Georgetown County. Have the only Safe-Shelter in Georgetown and Horry Cos. SC ranks 6th in the USA for numbers of women killed by men. Law enforcement officers in Georgetown County, respond to an average of 250 domestic violence calls each year (statistically only 20% of the total). Helped 1,336 people in 2018. Working with 47 partnering agencies, the FJC is based on a nationally and internationally established “best practice” model for service delivery in the domestic violence field.
  • Friendship Place—a Christian organization feeding and sheltering the hungry and homeless in Georgetown County. In 2021, served 8,800 nutritious hot meals. Over 5 years helped 50 people secure jobs; coaches help them stay employed. $50 = 10 meals.
  • Good Friends of Georgetown County—began in 2001 to support people in our community who face a temporary financial crisis that threatens basic human needs. Have helped >6,000 individuals with food, shelter, medical expenses, etc. Recipients don’t qualify for state or federal assistance, and exhausted help from Helping Hands of Georgetown, so they have nowhere else to turn. Their annual fundraising luncheon no longer covers the need so their board is approaching churches for additional help. Each recipient can receive a maximum of $300/year.
  • Habitat for Humanity of Georgetown County— Paul’s is 1 of 12 churches supporting a specific house each year called the Apostles Build. Our gifts are designated for that purpose only.
  • Helping Hands of Georgetown—Begun in 1989. Offer (1) “Compassionate care program” (providing basic needs of food, clothing, utilities, and dental care). In 2019, distributed 4,682 bags of groceries; provided clothing for 2,175; helped 1,317 households with utilities; 381 people for dental care. (2) “Time to change program” (structured, incentive-driven employment, career path, and youth empowerment programs designed to support individuals and families move out of poverty). In 2019 placed 46 people in jobs through their collaborative job program.
  • JOY School— a 6-week (free) summer day program for up to 54 children and young adults with Intellectual Disabilities including Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Retardation, and developmental delays.Located at Pawleys Island Presbyterian Church during June and July. Classes in music, art, academics, adaptive P.E. drama and swimming are taught by highly trained and experienced staff. The program provides an important bridge for children during the summer months to maintain progress from the school and stimulate a positive social environment to engage with other kids.
  • O.Y. University—like the J.O.Y. School, but for mentally challenged adults from Sept. – May.
  • Christopher’s Children—Begun December 2007 in Pawleys Island to provide clothing (often emergency winter clothing and shoes), eye glasses and dental care for the abandoned, abused and economically disadvantaged children whose needs cannot be met by existing social services or government agencies. The effort is now throughout Georgetown County. 80% volunteer. Since inception, helped >3,500 children since inception. In 2021: $146,297 invested in children; 241 with new clothing; 175 winter coats; 25 orthodontic care. Most are identified by school nurses.
  • Smith Medical Clinic—medical clinic meeting the needs of low-income individuals and families, free of charge. Treat 2,100 annually with over 200 volunteer physicians, nurses and a small, part-time staff. 37% of Georgetown County residents do not have health insurance. Every $1 donates generates > $10 in health care service at Smith Medical Clinic. $250 provides complete medical and prescription help for one individual. St. Paul’s is a “Patient Partner.
  • Students in the Word—off-site elective Bible studies for students to learn the Bible and establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; many are unchurched. Begun in 2010 with WHS (which meets at All Saints). In the Fall 2014, the Middle School began using St. Paul’s 7th and 8th With the addition of 6th grade spring 2022, there are now 120 students enrolled (3 classes of 20 each for fall and spring). Expenses are roughly $250/student per year to cover teacher, buses, bus driver and gasoline (excluding Bibles and study guides).
    • Bibles are $12/student ($1,440/year) and another $10/student for study guides.
  • Teach My People—After-school program for at-risk children with 144 students enrolled, grades 1-12. Expanded to Georgetown with 1st and 2nd grade in Fall 2019 so will add 10 students each year. Students are mentored throughout their elementary, middle and high school years with high quality, organized programs that are spiritually driven (based on Christian principles and values) on a 12-month cycle. School year grades: 15% “A” average; 41% “B” average; only 4%, “C” average. Provide dinner every night. 80% of children go home on Friday with a Back-Pack Buddy. In the past year, 34 of 36 graduated HS on time; 9 alumni graduated college; 9 others attending college; 3 serving in US military.
  • The Outreach Farm—In 2003, began providing beef for local nonprofits. Its business model changed from raising cattle to slaughter (expensive) to raising and selling calves which provides money for meat ($2/lb.), and now simply raising funds to purchase food (buying as low as $1.35/lb.). Currently purchase beef, chicken and pork which are provided in bulk to 12-15 organizations (TMP, food kitchens, etc.). Surpassed one million pounds; in 2021, provided 18,000 meals/month (216,000 meals/year).



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