Our Mission Statement

Leading people to an encounter with God in and through Jesus Christ,
• Be good disciples of Christ by:
– keeping God/Jesus forefront in all we do;
– offering opportunities for spiritual growth;
– growing Sunday School and Bible Study participation; and,
– encouraging other small groups to support each other and share God’s word
Inviting all people into fellowship with God and the community of faith,
• Retain and maintain our existing members and regular attendees
• Increase attendance and membership at SPWUMC
• Improve internal and external communications and promote SPWUMC to the
Nurturing and making them disciples of Jesus Christ,
• Nurture our congregation with as-needed support, visits and prayers
• Hold more fellowship activities to build relationships within the church family and to
unite members and attendees
Equipping and sending them forth to share the love of God through witness and ministry.
• Expand our ministries and include a Youth ministry

Leading | Inviting | Nurturing

Vision Statement

St. Paul’s Waccamaw Methodist Church will be a caring church, making disciples and reaching out beyond where we are and who we are. We will draw on the power of the Holy Spirit to empower us to worship, to pray, to study and to nurture all ages. Our church will be a “House of Prayer”, providing many ways for all to talk and to listen to God. We will discern and use the spiritual gifts of members and expect spiritual growth in each member. We will emphasize communications internally and externally using current technology. The ministries of our church will be offered by lay members and clergy, young and old, as the Spirit gifts, empowers and leads us. Every member will be a minister after the example of Jesus Christ, by his authority, and for the glory of God.

Vision Statement In Action

    • Our Church “will be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Matt 21:13). We will teach and practice many ways to talk and to listen to God, looking to receive the Spirit’s power in our worship, spiritual regeneration, healing, serving and loving.
    • Our Church will be known as a community that reaches out with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matt 26:18-20.) We will go into marketplaces, neighborhoods and homes, to share acts and words of love, and to invite persons to participate in the life of Christ at St. Paul’s Waccamaw Methodist Chuch.
    • Our Church will be known as a community that worships “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23). We will seek God and express our love for God through various traditional and innovative worship styles, technologies, times and uses of space.
    • Our Church will be known as a community of nurture (Acts 2:42). We will offer lively and diverse opportunities for Christian education and spiritual formation, large and small group fellowship, and institutional and home visitation.
    • Our Church will be known as a serving community (John 13:14). Setting apart a tenth and beyond for the Lord (Lev. 27:30), we will dedicate material resources, time, and abilities, to serve needy persons near and far away.
    • Our Church will be known as a community where visions become reality (Luke 8:21). Creative, efficient structures and processes will assist the community, ministry teams and individual members in discerning God’s will, shaping visions and plans, securing resources and taking action.