No Peach Festival for 2022 – hopefully will resume in 2023


On Hold until further notice

Virtual/Bakeless Peach Pie Fundraiser


You are invited to NOT bake a peach pie. That means you do NOT have to find the recipe, shop for the ingredients, peel and cut up peaches, mix or cook. You do NOT have to wash dishes or clean up your kitchen. You do NOT have to deliver the baked pie, or volunteer to set up and sell pies. 

Instead, you have a fantastic opportunity at a fundraiser that overcomes all this work! Simply “purchase” one or more scrumptious, calorie-free pies or cobblers and you will have the satisfaction of helping our local community. And you can obtain all the dessert you want for your next virtual party.


Virtual Peach Pie Sale Order Form

Note: filling in this form is optional since you can simply go to St. Paul’s website and donate directly to the Peach Festival (see below for details).

Your name: _________________________________________

 ____ $15 for each Peach Pie

 ____ $15 for each Peach Cobbler

 $______ I’m making this donation to express my appreciation for having nothing to buy, sell or do except for filling in this form.

 $______ This is what my time was worth peeling and slicing all those peaches for the mass pie-baking effort at the church.

 $______ This is what my time was worth doing all the hard work that was necessary to make the Peach Festival the smashing success that it was (and will be again).

 Donations can be made by:

1.     Donating through St. Paul’s website and online giving. “Peach Festival” is one of the choices within the Designated Funds portion. Simply click the “Online Giving” button at the top of the home page. Then, on the next page, choose the blue button on the right (“Online Designated Fund Donation”) and enter the amount you want to donate to the Peach Festival.

2.     Or by writing a check to St. Paul’s and putting “Peach Festival” or “Peach Pie” in the memo line.


Thank you so much. We hope you enjoy your “pie!”

12th Annual Peach Festival Rescheduled for July 2021


July 25th would have been the 12th year for our Peach Festival. However, after much prayer the Peach Festival committee decided that the Festival should be postponed until 2021. We hate to lose the momentum and the ability raise considerable support for local missions (our 11-year earnings totaled an amazing $123, 155).


Concerns that led to this conclusion: the uncertainty of the coronavirus situation and lack of vaccine; concern that large numbers of our congregation will be uncomfortable working it; close contact will still be a concern in July so we may not get a good turnout; tourism is expected to be down; vendors who support us have been closed and need our business so asking for Silent Auction donations does not seem right.


At our first meeting earlier this year, we mapped out a re-vamped Peach Festival which would be held entirely inside. So, stay tuned for 2021 and an amazing Festival.

What many folks are waiting and planning for is the 12th Annual Peach Festival which is set for July 25, 2020. This has been a community favorite with homemade peach pies being the popular drawing card for attendance. This church wide effort benefited 19 local nonprofit organizations last year, and to date raised $123,155.

There will be a great upgrade this year! It will be held entirely indoors (vendors an exception). Come early—doors will open at 3:30—and enjoy food and fun while you wait indoors for your opportunity to purchase all things peaches. In addition to pies/cobblers there will be peach cobbler with ice cream served on site, peach ice cream, peach iced tea, peach smoothies, peach cupcakes, bulk peaches and anything else peachy we can think of!!

As you wait inside the Christian Life Center hallway to get in to the main hall, you can follow the smell of food from our Food Court which will be set up in one of our classrooms and will open before the pie sale begins at 4. Among the items available, we will have hamburgers, hotdogs, snacks such as popcorn, and refreshments including water and the peach ice tea and smoothies mentioned above.

There will be a Kids Zone with face painting, balloon animals and a Magic Show. will also be open at 3:30

The Silent Auction will top off the festivities with many great items, golf packages and more. The focus will be on quality and value for your money items, not quantity. This is a great time to buy something special for yourself, or gifts—even do some early Christmas shopping.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS. JULY 25, 2020 from 4 to 7 PM

Local Organizations
Benefiting from the 2019 Peach Festival


Adult and Teen Challenge
Back Pack Buddies
Canine Angels Service Dogs
Coastal Samaritan Counseling Center
FAVOR (Faces and Voices of Recovery)
Family Justice Center
Friendship Place
Habitat for Humanity of Georgetown County
Good Friends of Georgetown County
Helping Hands of Georgetown
J.O.Y. School
J.O.Y. University
Samaritan’s Purse; Horry County Re-build
St. Christopher’s Children
Smith Medical Clinic
Students in the Word
Tara Hall
Teach My People
The Outreach Farm