2021 Stewardship Campaign Videos

#1 Alan Walters

#2 Dave Streeter

#3 Pastor Phillips

e-Giving Authorization Form

2022 Pledge Card




e-Giving supports good Stewardship practices as described in 1 Corinthians 16, 1-4.

Giving to the Kingdom of God is based on individual relationships with God, you respond in your own way to the Christian purpose of being a distribution center for the Kingdom of God thus supporting its growth with faith and works.


Below are approaches to giving described in 1 Corinthians 16, 1-4.  e-Giving is a great way to meet some of these guidelines.

  1.  Giving should be periodic.  e-Giving allows you to schedule based on your convenience a planned periodic giving – weekly, monthly, etc.
  2. Giving should be a priority – the first fruits.  Pay God first, pay yourself (savings) second – then other things.  For me, e-giving is a great convenience for this duty.  I get paid each Wednesday, and each Wednesday, the first thing taken out of my checking account is my pledge.  I don’t have to worry about paying God first.
  3. Giving should be out of private deposit stores.  In most cases this is checking or other bank accounts. e-Giving handles that for you as well.
  4. Giving is to be premeditated.  By planning your pledge, however much it is, and scheduling it with e-Giving you again easily meet this criterion.
  5. Finally it should be personal and private.  You give what your heart leads and do so without pride.  e-Giving supports privacy and your personal understanding of what you have been given and what you want to give to the kingdom on a personal level.



Charles Estabrook

Stewardship Chairman

e-Giving Authorization Form

2021 Pledge Card


e-giving helps St. Paul’s Waccamaw and provides convenience to members of the congregation.

  • e-giving provides predictable donations to the church when donors establish recurring giving plans (monthly, weekly, etc.).  Donations occur even if you are unable to attend a service while traveling or ill.
  • e-giving reduces the number of checks and cash that have to be manually counted after each service. This reduces the time needed by counting teams on Sunday and provides for greater security of donations (less money handling).
  • e-giving is secure and offers automatic deductions from your checking or savings account, or payment via a credit card.
  • e-giving accounts are easy to maintain and change – you control when, how much and to what to donate to (pledge, non-pledge or designated funds).

Please be a part of the group that will allow us to double our e-giving contributors.  You can start by going to our home page on the internet and clicking the e-giving box (www.saintpaulsumc.com).

e-Giving Authorization Form

2021 Pledge Card


Tithing & Pledge Card

Stewardship meets the Christian purpose of being a distribution center for the Kingdom of God.  God is the owner – we the stewards are the managers.  Time, Talents and funds.

Pay God his tithe first – God owns it all and what you tithe or pledge for the year goes to Him for the church to hopefully accomplish -supported by congregational prayer and through church leadership and committees – what God wants for the world.  What you tithe is a personal choice based on your relationship with God in your journey and between God and you.

In contrast Offerings are designated funds, love offerings, or other targeted purposes for your giving.  Both are important in the life of the church.

Each year you submit a pledge card to document your tithe for the year.  This is the first step in the budgeting process and the desire is to define the amount and cadence you want to meet your pledge.  Weekly, Semi- monthly, monthly, or yearly. As well as the Annual total.

As you’ll hear and see multiple times this year, e-Giving is a beneficial way of providing your payments in lieu of checks or drafts.  It does not replace the pledge card.  It is a delivery method – the pledge card is your promise to God.

Charles Estabrook – Stewardship Committee Chairperson

Consecration Sunday Stewardship Update

Hope you are all doing well.  This is the last week prior to Consecration Sunday. We want to thank all folks that have already returned your pledge cards.

If you have not received your pledge card or need another one, please let the church office know and we will assist you as needed.  You can get a replacement Pledge Card from the Stewardship page on the Website https://saintpaulsumc.com/stewardship/ by clicking on the link for Pledge Card or request one from the church office.  If you need assistance with this process contact Charles Estabrook or Dave Streeter.

There are three ways to return your filled-out pledge card. 1) by mailing it to the church, 2) a metal lock box has been installed outside the north Church Office entrance for you to place your pledge card if you do not want to use the mail to return to the church, and 3) you can scan and e-mail your pledge card to treasurer@saintpaulsUMC.com .  Let us know if you need assistance with this process or if you need someone to pick up your pledge card if you do not wish to use any of these options.

To assist with the Budgeting process, please return your Pledge Card as early as convenient for you, no later than Consecration Sunday if possible.

Obviously, we will not be able to have the traditional Consecration Sunday meal together this year.  In lieu of that, Buddy has provided a Consecration Sunday Communion Service that will premiere on Facebook and will be available from the Website Services page at noon Sunday 9/27/2020.  Special thanks to Lynn Hodges for recording this special service for us all.

You are encouraged to provide your own bread and wine/juice for your family and participate in the short service and solidify your stewardship commitment to God for next year.  This is in addition to the regular 9:30 am service for Sunday.  Again, let us know if you have any questions.

The Stewardship Committee