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A Message From Students In The Word

Would you help us spread the Word? Students in the Word is now registering students for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year! As a ministry based in Georgetown County, Students in the Word offers released-time Bible education elective classes to public school students (grades 7-12) at Waccamaw Middle and Waccamaw High Schools. Get more information or register ONLINE at, or email us at

Share this info with students you know and participate in our Registration Referrals Contest!
Cash or gift card prizes awarded to the top three people who refer the most students to our classes.

Deadline August 5.

Students in the Word, a Christian released-time Bible education program, is offered in Georgetown County to Waccamaw High School and Waccamaw Middle School students. Under released-time education, students are permitted to enroll in an elective class that meets during school hours at nearby churches for the purpose of Christian Bible study and discipleship. Students in the Word is committed to providing students with an opportunity to know Jesus Christ, be transformed by His Word, and become equipped to serve others in His name. Students receive transcript credit and a recorded grade for this elective class; the class is currently offered to grades 7-12. The Students in the Word ministry receives no funding from the school district, and provides all transportation to and from the schools for this class. For more information about how you can sign up for one of these classes, or otherwise support this ministry, contact us at

May God bless you and your families!

The church  provides Bibles and study guides each Fall and Spring to those attending Students in the Word time-released Bible study at St. Paul’s. They always write us thank-you notes. We thought some of these, which go beyond simply saying “Thank you for the Bibles,” should be shared; they will warm your heart.

          “Thank you so much for loving me.”

          “Thank you so much for letting us learn and stay in this space.”

          “Thanks for letting us have your church for SITW.”

          “I love the Bibles. Thank you so much.”

          “Thank you for these wonderful Bibles.”

          “The Bibles are amazing. Thank you so much!”

          “Thank you for all you do for us. We are so grateful.”

          “Thank you for the new mulch on the playground. We are grateful.”