Sunday morning 6/26/2022  

Lay Leader Joe Mayhew

will present 

“The Love Commandments”

One Service @  10 am in the Sanctuary 

The service will be live streamed via the church’s YouTube channel.

The link to our YouTube channel is:

You can only see the livestream from YouTube

To watch our livestream, go to this page in advance of the scheduled start time. Once watching the video, you can subscribe and also select to be notified of new videos.

Additionally, in the YouTube application you can search St. Paul’s Waccamaw United Methodist Church and see any videos that exist if you miss the original livestreams.

The recorded services will be available on our Sermons webpage later each Sunday and will be shared with the church Facebook friends later as well.

You can reach the church’s YouTube and Facebook pages from the Church’s website

In the banner across the top of the website main page and most of the other pages, you can click on the “play” (triangle pointing right) icon that is right of the Facebook icon to go to our YouTube site.  You can also click on section on main page that says –

 “Join us for livestreaming services online”

Click the ” f” Facebook icon in the banner to reach our Facebook page.

Normally, each Sunday, St. Paul’s Waccamaw United Methodist Church offers two worship services

Please join us for our service

A Traditional Worship Service in the Sanctuary begins at 8:45 a.m.  including Methodist liturgy and hymns with a full Chancel Choir.  This service is our more formal worship time.

Worship, in the Christian faith, is the act of attributing reverent honor and homage to God. In the New Testament, various words are used to refer to the term worship. One is “proskuneo” which means to bow down to God. Worship is bowing down the Lord of the universe and celebrating God’s gift of grace.

You will find a deep reverence here at Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church. The music is abundant and deeply theological. It will encompass compositions from the great hymn writers the centuries like Carl Gustav (How Great Thou Art), John Newton (Amazing Grace), many others, and choices from thousands of those beautiful hymns written by Charles Wesley along with some more recent songs periodically. This is a church of music, and the choir and choir director celebrate God’s grace and seek to inspire the soul.

The Bible tells us that Jesus was and is the “Word of God.” So, in the Christian Church, the spoken word is central to the worship experience. The sermons are Biblically based and follow the common lectionary readings. Modern illustrations are used to expand the text. Throughout most of Christianity’s history, corporate Christian worship has been liturgical (three-year cycle of Scripture readings), characterized by prayers and hymns, with texts rooted in, or closely related to, the Scripture, particularly the Psalter.

On the last Sunday of each month, Holy Communion (Eucharist) is celebrated. The table at Saint Paul’s is viewed as Christ’s table. Both Protestant and Catholic and those of other denominations are invited. Sometimes intinction is used, and we process forward to receive the bread and wine. You may kneel at the altar following being served. On other occasions, we kneel at the altar; the heavenly host is passed along the alar rail by assistants. We are sure you will find both a spiritual event.

Come and celebrate the grace of God in with prayer, the spoken proclamation of grace and forgiveness, and song. Enter to give yourself to God. Depart to give yourself to the world for God.

11:00 A.M. Casual Service

Enter the relaxed atmosphere of Berly Hall for the 11:00 am service for a joyful message with uplifting music and fellowship.

The more casual atmosphere includes dressing as if you live in or are visiting the beach area plus coffee and donuts holes,

available seating around tables or in rows, and relaxed interaction.

St. Paul’s Waccamaw UMC also offers a 1:30 pm service each Sunday at Lakes of Litchfield, for residents of this retirement community. Guests and visitors are always welcome.

 Next 5th Sunday celebration is May 29th.
Each 5th Sunday of a month, the family of faith known as St. Paul’s UMC gathers at one time, in one place to worship together. The services alternate between Traditional and Casual so each will lead the service twice a year.
Remembering how Jesus used mealtime for fellowship we gather around at lunch time in Berly Hall to enjoy good food and conversation.The food nourishes our bodies and the fellowship time nourishes our souls.
The combined Service at 10 a.m. in the Sanctuary will be followed by a congregational fellowship meal at 11:30 a.m. in Berly Hall.  The 29th will be a potluck lunch. The church will provide the  meat.  We’re asking all to bring enough for your family plus 2 more people.  All visitors  will be invited to join in the meal.

Communion is usually offered on the first Sunday of each month. Our table is open to all.


Sunday School Classes for adults include the Friendship

class and

 the Joy class that will be held at 10:00 am each Sunday,

in the Christian Life Center.

Friendship Sunday School

The Friendship class will be starting a new study called Adult Bible Studies, Lesson One.

We welcome anyone who would like to attend to come at 10:am a.m. each Sunday.

JOY Sunday School Class — New J.O.Y. Class Study—the Book of John

We hope to see you Sunday. And invite anyone who is not going to Sunday school to join us.